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Haven of Investment

Our journey begins with Mission, as well as our Vision, offering a wide lens into the various reasons why most investors prefer us, and our uniqueness. We will highlight a few reasons why investing in Gladius investment and development is as good as it sounds.

We established in 2020, in order to reflect with market developments and support the youths, Gladius Investments & Development aims to become a dominant investment firm in the local and regional market. 

We are focused on providing high quality, long-term investment capabilities to clients. We bring together independent teams of active, specialist investors who share a common commitment to responsible investment principles.


To bring new ideas in UAE market, study and develop the best out of them, which will allow our investors to reach their long-term financial goals.


To become a dominant investment firm in the local and regional market, focusing on a diverse range of investments that adheres to Islamic values, generates wealth, and creates value to our community.


We pride ourselves on the level of Professionalism provided in our financial performance, customer service, and organizational efficiency.


We believe in providing our clients with products that deliver superior performance and access to forward-looking investments, in line with their long-term objectives.


We believe that transparency is the key factor which makes our relationship with customers more stronger.

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