The most promising homes for investments...

Gladius Investment and Development is a corporation engaged in the business of pooling capital together for investment. We highlight the unique potentials in various sectors of our businesses and how investors can grow with us in order to create wealth and bring meaningful change to humanity. 

Why invest in UAE

The UAE have a supportive environment for investments including political stability, geographical and population diversity, and it’s a globally secure country with strict laws, in addition of tourism and commercial prosperity, and a strong global infrastructure with low taxes. TheInvestors can move in and out their capital smoothly without any obstacles and foreign investors are entitled to own property in the country.

In terms of leadership, the UAE has a wise leadership, with a vision to create a business environment conducive to attract the outstanding people, and to support promising projects with innovative ideas that are in line with the vision and aspirations of the UAE and its future.

Why invest in Gladius

Our investment team continues to grow rapidly, we’ve secured the loyalty of large and sophisticated clients as well as financial advisors and individual investors. We believe this success is best attributed to the experience of our team, the methods they employ and the values that drive our organisation.

Business Center in the city of Sharjah, which contribute to the group occupying a strategic and prestigious position in the local and regional markets.

We believe that the combination of three core factors differentiates Gladius from our peers and explains both our competitive advantage and our outperformance of the markets. They are Organisational Design, Pragmatic Value and Portfolio Construction.

Our Investment